Misty Pettit

When Misty is not busy working as a dental hygienist in and around Orange County, CA, you can find her playing and caring for her 14 month old daughter, while preparing for the birth of her second daughter in a few short months. She is also a proud wife of a local firefighter and is committed to creating a healthy work-life balance for her dental colleagues. As a busy mama and worker, Misty has experienced that burnout feeling that a majority of the dental community can relate to. Which is exactly why she has dedicated the last few years to the research and the creation of this mobile app and why she is proud to present this as a resource that is made FOR dental professionals BY dental professionals.

Her vision behind this mobile app is to create not only a healthier balance in work and in life, but also a close inner circle of like-minded people to network with and support one another, both personally and professionally. She once saw a quote that stated “gentle reminder that the 40 hour work week is outdated & was designed with the assumption that someone else was going to be always taking care of cooking, cleaning & household errands. It wasn’t designed for you to be doing it all..” and this got her thinking about just how much people, especially women, have on their plate and how important it is to feel like it is okay to take time for yourself to recharge and be the very best version of yourself that you can be.

Misty Pettit, RDH

Founder & CEO

She knows all too well this job can take a toll on both physical and mental health, and that the dental community at large is at high risk for getting carpal tunnel and experiencing back and neck issues, which can very well result in premature retirement. On top of all of this, most of the dental community have children and families to go home to and she hates feeling like she can not be present in the moments that matter most due to physical and mental exhaustion from work

Misty knows first hand how hard it can be to take time off from work, knowing that it can really add stress to the rest of the dental team and can result in upset patients when they have to be rescheduled on short notice. But with the help of great local dental professionals, she hopes that this will be a tool that can help us all find relief in these difficult times.

Misty and the rest of the Fairyfill Team would like to invite you to join our growing Fairy Family and create the perfect situation for your life, regardless of what that means to you!

Lindsay Spada

Lindsay is a Business Development Manager for Fairyfill Dental Pros and comes to the fairy fam with years of dental industry experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm! She started her dental journey as an assistant and quickly realized that she wanted to expand upon her skill set, connect with patients on a more personal level, and help patients to achieve their oral hygiene goals – so off to dental hygiene school she went! After graduating and working clinically for some time, Lindsay decided to continue her academic journey, eagerly enrolling in business school! Already having a strong customer service, management, and human resource background, this educational path seemed like the perfect supplement to her hygiene degree. While Lindsay absolutely LOVES her patients and profession, she is eager to progress from everyday clinical dental hygiene to a role that will help the dental community at large. She is so excited to be a part of the Fairyfill team, helping dental professionals like herself to connect with each other, relieve the stress of needing time off, and establish a healthy work/life balance.

When not dreaming of teeth, Lindsay is usually spending time with her two energetic kiddos and loving husband. She is an active member of the Massachusetts Dental Hygienists’ Association and is an advocate for Dysautonomia International – an organization that focuses on spreading awareness for those with invisible chronic illness. A few fun facts about Lindsay: she is 6’ tall (yes, she DID play basketball!), left-handed (ever try working on the wrong side of the dental unit?), plays guitar (80’s hair bands are her fave!), was born on Valentine’s Day (but we aren’t snitching what year!), and definitely eats more chocolate than any hygienist should (shhh!).

Lindsay Spada, RDH

Business Development Manager


Imran Khan

Imran’s mission is to help bridge the gap for businesses and entrepreneurs by delivering sophisticated and streamlined solutions accessible to everyone. From conceptual ideas to deciphering the most complex organizational problems, he’s become extremely adept at infusing business plans that create high impact and powerful results.

With over a decade of hands-on experience in sales, business development, and tech, he’s now also being recognized as an authority in providing out-of-the-box digital solutions that prove invaluable to organizations, businesses, and startups in achieving their goals.

Today, Imran continues to lend his expertise to hundreds of established businesses, aspiring investors, promising startups, and ambitious entrepreneurs to successfully deploy digital products and services globally.

Imran Khan